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Diabetes Prevention Program Resources

Activity Log – Participants must use their Activity Log each day to track their minutes of activity (starting after Module 3: Track Your Activity). The activity must be of at least a moderate pace. Participants must show their Activity Log at the start of each session. [English | Spanish]

Food Log – Participants are encouraged to use their Food Log to track their eating weekly (starting after Module 5: Track Your Food). [English | Spanish]

Lifestyle Coach Log – Use the lifestyle coaches log to record participants’ data for each session. [English | Spanish]

Action Plan Journal – Participants are encouraged to make a new action plan during each session and to try it at home. [English | Spanish]

Ready, Set, Quit! – Tips for how to quit smoking. [English | Spanish]

Food Tracking Activity Log – Participants are encouraged to use their Food Tracking Activity Log to track a specific goal in a short amount of time. [English | Spanish]

In-Person Session Checklist  – A checklist to help prepare for and deliver a PreventT2 session when in person. [English | Spanish

Certificate of Completion – Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program

All resources are from CDC.