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Dimethicone: The Silicone-Based Skincare Solution for Smooth, Hydrated Skin

Dimethicone Overview:

Dimethicone is a relatively new and effective ingredient in cosmetic products that bring back a young-looking appearance to your skin. It is also called Polydimethylsiloxane or dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicone oil. It is classified as polymeric organosilicon compounds (Silicones). It is physically a clear and chemically an inert and non-inflammable compound.

Dimethicone is also used in other kinds of products such as shampoos, contact lenses, food products, and lubricants. In skincare products, it is used to give protection to the skin from the external hazardous factors.

Mechanism of Dimethicone:

Dimethicone can act in two different ways, in case of skincare product as an emollient it forms a layer over the skin, as a barrier and block the loss of water molecules from the dermal layers and maintain the firmness and water content of the skin layers. This helps in relieving minor irritation, itching, and cracks and makes the skin young-looking.

Uses of Dimethicone:

Dimethicone can be used in different fields of beautification products such as creams, lotions, shampoos, and other products. 

In skincare cosmetics, Dimethicone is used as a moisturizing agent to give and maintain the water content of the skin, prevent and reduce dryness, itching, and irritation. It softens the skin and gives a soothing effect to it. As it functions as a humectant so enhance the smoothness of the skin and protect it from harsh and dry conditions. It also helps in the treatment of inflammation and provides relief in chronic hand dermatitis.

Because of its barrier property, it also prevents skin damage from unsafe rays of the sun and different environmental factors.

It is used in other cosmetics to prevent and reduce the foam formation, which spoils the whole formulation and produces an unpleasant effect upon use. While in shampoos it is used to eradicate the head lice. It suffocates and disrupt the molecular homeostasis system of the lice and kill them.

Safety of Dimethicone: 

The major concern regarding the use of topical cosmetics is that either it is safe and protective for the skin or not. So don’t worry about Dimethicone, as it duly passed, passed and approved by the Food and Drug Authority and cosmetics ingredient review. It can be used in any formulation for its medical and beautification goals. It is safe to be used as a skin protective agent and in other personal care products.

Precautions regarding the use of Dimethicone:

Every individual has different cellular chemistry. So in case of any hypersensitivity to Dimethicone, stop using it and contact your physician or nearby dermatologist immediately. If it produces any side effects or toxic effects, don’t use it further and tell your doctor or pharmacist.

The Dimethicone product should be applied according to the instructions by your health care provider. Don’t touch your eyes during the application of Dimethicone. In order to achieve better result and optimum outcomes use it consistently. To avoid any danger wash your hands after proper application of the product.

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