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About American Cosmetic Association

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Wellness, Dental & Cosmetics Beauty Industry Association – for patients and consumers.

The mission of American Cosmetic Association ™ (ACA) is to improve beauty, aesthetics, wellness and confidence by increasing awareness and access to services, products and information.

ACA is a multi-disciplinary volunteer effort by physicians, surgeons, dentists, scientists and beauty, cosmetic & aesthetic industry professionals with the goal of providing the most comprehensive and reliable source of information, services and products relating to plastic & cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic beauty products. ACA consists of patients and public who benefit from the effort of these professionals.

As an organization, we strive to stay at the forefront of the latest advances in technology and techniques in the field of cosmetic medicine, surgery, wellness, dentistry and product manufacturing. Our members are committed to providing the most current and cutting-edge information on aesthetic & cosmetic treatments, while always putting the patient’s well-being and safety first.

In addition to providing educational and networking opportunities for our members, we also work to promote public awareness and understanding of cosmetic procedures and the benefits they can provide. We strive to ensure that patients have access to accurate information and resources to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

We also provide service to cosmetics organizations which include cosmetics certification and brand awareness.

Each year, we provide an annual report on utilization of cosmetic and plastic surgery statistics and plastic surgery costs and pricing.

ACA Commitment to Sustainability

We are proud of the contributions our members make to the field of cosmetic & aesthetic medicine, surgery, wellness, dentistry and product manufacturing and we look forward to continuing to advance the standard of care for patients seeking to enhance their physical appearance. We are not a medical association.

Our international associate organizations, National Cosmetic Association , International Cosmetic Association ™ (ICA) assists professionals and public in nations outside of the US.

We are affiliated with some associate programs. When you click on a link, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

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